Early Work 1982 - 1983

This series presents the first work which I did with the pinhole camera.
At first I used square wooden cameras which I constructed myself but a few months later I discovered the cylindrical-shaped cans which gave me a new "form" of lines.
I liked the idea that I could change the architecture, objects and human body lines and give them a new "organic" shape and a new meaning to the final result. So I adopted it immediately.

Since 1993 I have used only round, cylindrical shapes for my pinhole cameras besides my van-car and room-space as cameras.
The work is a "study" of work dealing with space, perspective, shapes and time dimensions in order to try to see what the pinhole "sees" and creating a new reality.

Unfortunately a large part of that series I can not show on my website because it is nude work, but I can send it in to those who are interested in seeing it.

Vous trouverez plus d'informations sur la "list and description" qui s'ajoute à chaque groupe d'images.