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These series gave me a new approach while using “Photogram” technique. A new way of creating photography image without using light as an energy - but insted - heat energy for The “Calorigram” technique.

During more then 5 years I worked over the 4 Elements series using only light or heat as energy to create those images. Water & Air with light energy and Earth & fire with heat energy. No camera is involved in the process.

All the works were done on black & white carton Baryte paper, using fire as heating energy - a Calorigram, and artificial light as energy for Photogram. The colours in the images are a result of an chemical reaction between the photo paper and the energy which come from the objects (stons & metal pieces). Some of the “Water” elements are blue! - Because I coloured it with a bleu pigments.

Finely, I present these series to the public in a very attractive prices. Only the “Water” element have 5 examples of each image, because this series is a positive images. All other elements: Air, Fire and Earth are unique - Negative images.