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“NATUROGRAM“ (photogram technique)

Naturogram is a series of work which made with the first photography technique - the “Photogram” . There is no camera involved during the process, only light as energy, photo paper and objects which are posed on the paper during the lighting.

I call this series “Naturogram” not only because I use nature as my photographic objects, also because the way of developing the images. I developed those works in a “nature” way and not in a trades fool of chemicals - like in classic photography. By using my hands with different objects like brushes,brooms, combs which are soaked with developer - a new environment is creating.
There are 2 series, one print on Plastic black & white paper and the second series was print over Carton Baryte black & white paper. Some of the images were pass sepia or other colour toning.

Obviously the prices are different as well because of the paper quality. Each image is a unique piece even there are the same object, limited to 5 example max. each image.