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Germany in the ’80 - by pin hole camera

During the ’80 while living in Amsterdam, I had several photography projects in Germany but the most exciting project I had was for the “Stern” magazine.

Doing kind of a “reportage” over Germany during one month, using my pinhole cameras and a van which converted to a darkroom. The story “Ein ganze land im Iemer” was published in “Stern” on 22 Mai 1986.

Most of the works which I present here I did during this journey in Germany for the “Stern”. But big part of the works are made in Hamburg because those years I had a presented gallery in Hamburg (“Art & Book”) and that why there are many images of that city.

Finely 35 years after this Journey, I’m publishing those works on my web-sit together with a lists of the images so each person who like an image could buy an original piece - hand made, sign and date by me in a very attractive prices.

All images was create with pinhole cameras and printed on RC colour photo paper, developed by hand, sign and dates with no. of print (max.13 copies per image)