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Ten years ago I photographed the Andalusia region of Spain with pinhole cameras for the “Centre Andaluz de la fotografia" in Almeria. From that project was created a film, “Camino in Verso,” and a traveling exhibition.
I am now publishing those works on my website, together with a catalogue of the photos. Images are available for sale - each one handmade, signed, and dated - at very attractive prices.
In Analogical photography we have two kinds of paper - a “Baryte” paper (Carton) where the process of developing and washing is longer and more expensive, and a plastic photo paper process which is much shorter and less expensive. The different quality between those papers is almost impossible to see by eye. However, in carton paper there are more nuances in the grey and colour tones, and carton paper also keeps its image quality for hundreds of years. That is why I have created two sets of images and lists: “Plastic paper images” and “Baryte paper images.” Details for each image are written on the back of the original piece.

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ANDALUCIA - plastic 01